If you are feeling ill the night before your scheduled appointment and you are uncertain if you will be able to keep your appointment, please cancel your appointment by calling 541.490.1444 or logging in to your profile online. As soon as you notify us, we will begin trying to fill your scheduled appointment time with a client on the waiting list. The sooner we know that you will be unable to make your appointment, the more likely it is that we will be able to find a client for that time. We do our best to fill up last minute cancellations as we understand that nobody wants to be charged for a session they did not receive, but unfortunately it is not always possible. If we are unable to book another client in to your scheduled appointment time a late cancellation fee will be applied.

If you wake up with a fever, flu, or major cold on the day of your appointment, please contact us by phone at 541.490.1444 or cancel your appointment online right away, as massage is contra-indicated for these situations. Your body is working hard to fight your illness and massage therapy may put an additional strain on your system. We will do our best to book a client on the wait list for your cancelled appointment, but if we are unable to do so a late cancellation fee may be applied.

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