Crystal Healing

How does Crystal Healing Work?

Crystals have a very high and precise rate of vibration and so they are utilized extensively in modern technology, ranging from the liquid crystal diodes in calculators and clocks to their use in the very computer you are reading this on. They also are used in credit cards, fiber-optic phone lines and laser technology.

Diamond, being the hardest substance on Earth, has been used for cutting other gems and drilling. They are magnifiers of energy, capable of absorbing and enhancing energy. They can be programmed to assist us in almost anything. They are incredibly powerful, and can focus and amplify energy.

Crystals vibrate at different levels depending on their composition and color. Each have certain characteristics that can be helpful in maintaining balance and healing.  If you would like to experience the power of crystal healing, crystals can be incorporated into your massage session for no extra charge.

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Crystal Healing, Alternative Therapy for Body, Mind and Soul

Jul 7, 2010 Solange Hando

Crystals for Natural Healing and Holistic Therapy - gracey

Crystals for Natural Healing and Holistic Therapy
Chakra healing with clear or coloured crystals is a long-standing tradition, part of a holistic therapy addressing individual needs through natural healing.  Known since ancient Egypt and practised in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, crystal healing is a non-invasive alternative therapy for body, mind and soul. A wide range of healing stones may be used, but the most popular crystals are those of the quartz family, which include rose, smoky and milky quartz, citrine, amethyst and pure or clear quartz, also known as rock crystal.

Crystals offer an alternative therapy tailored to individual subjects. It’s important to wash a crystal before use to remove vibes from previous handlers.

Crystal Healing, Alternative Holistic Therapy//

Crystal healing works with the life force, or “chi,” located in the body’s seven energy centres, called chakras. Crystals pick up and amplify vibrations, using the body’s natural healing ability to restore stability and balance in one’s aura.

Crystals may be placed directly on a chakra or swung above it like a pendulum. They may be worn or laid out around the person in a predetermined healing pattern. They can also be integrated in a massage wand.

Chakra Healing

The chakras are said to relieve bodily ailments by freeing energy in the related area. Alternative therapy believes every chakra is associated with a specific colour and performs best with crystals of similar shades.

Crystals work equally well with mind and soul. Apply red jasper, garnet or ruby to the root chakra at the base of the spine for increased confidence and passion, amber, citrine or yellow topaz to the solar plexus to uplift mood and generate creativity. The sacral chakra in the lower abdomen is orange; use carnelian, hematite or moonstone for vitality and balance.

The heart chakra has two colours – green for calm and pink for love and compassion. Rose quartz is the preferred crystal. The throat is blue, imbued with spirituality from aquamarine to turquoise. The brow chakra likes amethyst for clear sightedness and self responsibility while the crown may be violet or white, with its own preference for amethyst or clear quartz encouraging awareness and vision.

Mind and Soul Natural Healing

By dispelling emotional blockages, crystals play an important role in mind and soul healing. Favourites include jade, long acclaimed across Asia for restoring calm, opal to achieve better balance and amethyst to stabilise emotions. Concentration is said to benefit from carnelian and quartz while citrine and amber can improve memory.

Try amethyst, amber and lapis lazuli to ease tension headaches and rose quartz, citrine and the multi-powered amethyst to improve sleep. Red, orange and yellow crystals are recommended to boost energy, with clear quartz the crystal of choice to improve motivation.

Diamonds work on any chakra to dissolve blockages or negative feelings. Their high energy frequency is thought to foster inner vision and spirituality and can be a useful tool in meditation.


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