Vibrational Sound Therapy

Vocal and Vibrational Sound Therapy

Sound is one of the oldest methods of natural healing. 

During a Vocal Sound Healing session the practitioner places their hands on or over the body to tune into its energy. They then intuitively sing the tones that most express what they feel, and sometimes the tones become a song unique to that client. As our bodies are vibration, and sound is a primary vibration of life-force energy, Vocal Sound Healing can alter our vibrational patterns out of tension and dis-ease and into comfort, relaxation, well-being, and healing.

Vibrational Sound Therapy brings the ancient techniques and modern innovation together. Himalayan Singing Bowls, specifically engineered for therapeutic use, are placed gently on and around the body. The client remains fully clothed and direct contact with the facilitator is kept to a minimum making this a non-invasive and approachable treatment. The soothing sound of the bowls draws your focus and quiets the mind. The sound waves ripple through the body and "massage" every cell while the powerful combination of ambient tones and sonic vibration calm your nervous system and slow your brainwaves so you can slip into deeply relaxing meditative states. When our bodies and minds are at ease, our innate ability to heal is optimized.

Vocal Sound Healing is offered by Saliha Abrams, LMT.