What our clients are saying about us!

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All staff I have had chance to work with is great they are each amazing at there jobs making me feel comfortable and relaxed. This massage I had with Eli was Great! - T.P.

After having a baby and just feeling overall stressed this year, the message was exactly what I needed to relax and re- ground myself. Thank you!!

Allison did a wonderful job! I couldn't believe how much tension/pain she managed to relieve just with the time with our 45 min. session! Thank you! -E.S.

This is the first time I have had a massage by Mindy. She genuinely listened and cared about my concerns. I requested a very deep tissue massage, and she delivered! Couldn't be happier! Thank you! - M.L.

Allison is a pro! You can tell she really cares about her clients and providing an excellent customer experience. I'd recommend Allison to anyone who is rehabbing an injury or just wants to feel better. I feel like a million bucks every time I leave a massage by Allison at Holistic. Thank you! -K.M.

Amazing therapist and polite staff. The atmosphere was welcoming and very relaxing. I'll definitely be back soon! -E.S.

Raelynn was an absolute godsend. She made me feel comfortable, and relaxed. - K.T.

Best massage I have had in a long time. Specific areas were targeted. Pressure was right, and l felt better. -A.W.

Comice has that innate ability to "listen" to what the body is telling her as she works. Not all massage therapists have such presence and skill. I will be back to see her for sure! - T.H.

Comice was fantastic and did wonders on my sore shoulder. She used technique I had never felt before and worked instantly to release the tight muscles. - A.S.

Eli is a fantastic therapist! Very intuitive and a good, kind person who listens to his clients - G.R.

Eli seems to have the best pressure I walk away with relaxed muscles but not sore which is a hard balance with my fibromyalgia he does a great job

Eric was great. His approach and understanding of physiology is excellent. Another great experience at Holistic Massage! -C.M.

Everything part of my visit was very professional, Marc is very knowledgeable and intuitive, front desk was very helpful, kind and informative. Thank You for this great service. - N.E.

First time experiencing Ashiatsu massage and it gave was excellent! Just what I needed! - R.V.

Hands down the best massage I have ever had ! I myself am a massage therapist so this is quite a compliment ! I loved that she used her feet . Brilliant ! - T.M.

Hayden is truly amazing. She is just wonderful to see every time I come to get a massage. I don't think she knows how great these sessions are for me. I always try to show my appreciation and boy does she deserve recognition for being exceptional! - S.B.

Hayden was great. I have a lot of tightness in my right side from an old injury/repetitive work and she was able to find the areas that were tight and work through them so that after the massage I felt less tightness all over. I really enjoyed my experience and hope to be back. - C.J.

I always leave my massages from Hayden very happy and relaxed. She listens to what I need and has the perfect pressure and therapeutic touch! -K.K.

I appreciate Marc's unique approach to each massage. He really focuses on the areas that need relief but provides enough time relax the whole body. I've had some left shoulder pain for years (due to frozen shoulder) and his deep tissue and active engagement techniques seem to really be helping it. Thank you! - P.G.

I appreciate that Nikona tailors the massage to my needs instead of going with a one-size fits all massage. She is wonderful. - P.G.

I came in a ticking time Bomb (emotionally)and Hayden diffused me. I am ever grateful. I especially loved the vibration of the singing bowls, the slow deep strokes on my back and the knuckle strokes on my neck. Thank you!

I can not express enough how relaxing the massages from Eli are, he is so aware of the clients needs and is very respectful regarding talking, breathing and making the overall experience so peaceful!!! - I.C.

I had my first massage at Holistic with Brad. He was excellent and made me feel so comfortable the entire time. He had really good communication and always made sure I was doing well. I will definitely be seeing him again. -R.B.

I hadn't had a massage since CoVid hit, but decided it was time to venture out. Holistic Massage practices excellent distancing and masking/sanitizing practices, and I felt very comfortable and safe.

I have been coming since January, every single therapist has been very good. During these uncertain times you have all done a great job making your clients feel safe and comfortable, thank you! - K.O.

I have chronic issues in focused areas that Eric has been very helpful in alleviating. My pain has lessened, and energy has increased with just two visits. Thank you. - E.K.

I have had massages in several countries and different stiles, but this one was one of the best to me. Perfect balance and big understanding of anatomy, it was just what I need. - P.P.

I really appreciate that the therapists 1) keep notes, 2) share notes and 3) provide insight into where my problem areas are and how to address them at home. I have been seeing Joanna regularly and couldn't be happier. She is such a professional and so knowledgeable I always leave feeling relaxed and cured!!  - L.W.

I told Raelyn what hurt when I tried to move my shoulder. Right away she thought my latissimus Dorsi muscle was involved. She worked to help the muscle relax. Later on during the day. I noticed a big difference in the mobility of my shoulder. (She is helping me recover from shoulder surgery). I am so grateful that she knew what muscle needed help. I'm grateful for Raelyn's help. - K.F.

I have been to a lot of massage therapist but I have never had a massage like Brads massage. There really is no other. Brad listens to your concerns, adjusts as needed and his therapeutic approach results in relaxed muscles. Thanks Brad! - J.P.

Joanna does excellent work. She pays close attention to details. I don't get to visit often, but she always remembers specific things about me, and the type of treatment I need. Whenever I have a painful situation, she always gets me fixed! She really knows her way around the human body! I always recommend her to my friends, and they love her too:) - C.W.

Just amazing!!! I have been going to a massage therapist for two years and it has never been this easy or comforting, I just love the calmness when I come into the studio. - I.C.

Lara is the best massage therapist I have been to in the Gorge. So happy to have found a go-to person now! - C.J.

Lara listened to what I said about my medical problems that put some massage areas off limits. It was a relaxing supportive massage! Great job Lara! - S.B.

Lara was a breath of fresh air for my massage treatment .She was considerate and very thorough from start to finish. I would highly recommend her massage treatment to friends and family in the future. After a long day of skiing and mountain biking it was very refreshing . Thank you Lara and Holistic Massage - K.L.

Marc is Re-Marc-able!!! Best massage I've had in a long while! Love his technique! Perfect pressure, perfect make nice, firm confident therapeutic and relaxing! I'll be back for many more!

Marc's style of massage is excellent. Different from others I have had, but excellent. Great intuitive attention to detail and recognizing areas to focus on. - C.M.

Mindy is a master! Smooth transitions, depth where needed, soothing after... keyed into the issues at hand (no cookie cutter massage!), an hour felt much longer, her patience is magic! - C.S.

Mindy is really helping me to overcome an injury. I love that she works to set a game plan so I have hope of getting better. She is a major player in my healthcare team and I value her capabilities and that she also cares for my emotional well being. - C.S.

Mindy was amazing, the pressure was just right. I was shocked how easily she found where I was hurting without pointing out where, definitely seeing her again!! -S.T.

My husband and I are both so impressed with Brad, and with the staff at Holistic Massage of HR. Brad always does an awesome job and we feel blessed to have found him! - L.R.

Nikona has great pressure for a little deep tissue working out my knots and remembered a few little things we talked about in our last session that was in probably winter time she's always great  - T.P.

Raelynn has truly fine tuned her skills, she soothingly finds the trigger points, holds them with the absolute perfect pressure and then gently brings it full circle again with her patient and totally tuned in calming strokes. She utilizes tapotement and vibration beautifully. Her cupping is gentle yet effective. A+++

Raelynn is kind, gentle, and client specific with her work. Her customer service is displayed through her words, movements, and extensive knowledge of the mind/body and massage technique. Thank you for positively changing my quality of life Raelynn! K.F.

Holistic Massage is customer focused. Their care for clients through ease of booking, reminders for appointments, and having top quality massage therapists makes them stand out as the best massage location in the gorge. Thank you Holistic Massage! - K.F.

This is my fourth massage at Holistic Massage and every one of them was amazing. I also always have a great experience with the girls at reception.

This was my second time visiting Holistic Massage; just as the first time, I found the staff to be extremely professional and personable. I had an excellent massage with Allison, who was the perfect combination of attentive to my comfort, friendly, and quietly relaxing. The amount of pressure was perfect and I felt comfortable throughout. Thank you!! - J.T.

Very easy to book online and get the time you want. Loved the free parking, too. - R.T.

My appointment with Holistic was absolutely wonderful. My massage therapist was kind, approachable, and listened to/ fulfilled all of my needs for the session. The atmosphere was welcoming and the staff were incredibly friendly. I will definitely be returning here the next time I want to receive a massage. - N.H.

Always 100% satisfied. - K.O.