Our Office Admin Team

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Jenny - Owner, LMT


Jenny founded Holistic Massage of Hood River in 2004. With over 15 years experience as a licensed massage therapist, three years experience working at a physical therapy clinic, a masters degree in psychology, and specific training in yoga, pilates, and intuitive healing, Jenny has a great awareness of the body-mind connection and how both injuries and emotions affect the body.

Originally from Seattle, Jenny moved to the Gorge in 2000 to ski patrol at Mt. Hood Meadows, and worked as a pro-patroller until 2009. She has a passion for being outdoors as well as spending time with family and cooking good food. When not in the office, she’s likely out looking for wind on the river or the coast, finding powder stashes on the mountain, hitting up the mountain bike trails, or recharging in a local yoga class!

Erin - Front Desk Lead & Accounts Receivable Manager



Howdy! I’m Erin! I am the Front Desk Lead and Accounts Receivable Manager, and if you’ve been in since 2018, you’ve more than likely seen me at the front desk or talked to me over the phone. My brain works a million miles a minute, so massage therapy helps me relax and re-center. I prefer deep tissue massage with aromatherapy, but I am willing to try any modality the LMTs offer to experience the physical and energetic benefits of massage therapy.

I'm a total true-crime junkie, so I typically choose to listen to a chilling podcast on my commute (which may not help my frenetic brain, but it strangely keeps me calm). I also enjoy nature documentaries, and never miss an episode of The Bachelor! Get me outside near a body of water where I can kayak and bask in the sun with my dogs, or some quiet, intentional time to make wire-wrapped jewelry and I’m a happy camper. I’m a huge animal lover so please, don’t hesitate to show pictures and brag about your pets next time you’re in! See you then!

Ariana - Communications Manager

Ariana, Communications Manager



Hey! I'm Ariana, an NYC native who moved to the PNW before ever visiting! Since the Spring of 2022, I've been an Office Administrator here at Holistic Massage, I also manage our social media, so give us a follow! Self-care is a major aspect of my life. I practice a variety of self-care modalities, but massage therapy is my number one. I love adding cupping to my massage sessions to help me tune into my body and slowly relieve the tension from my day-to-day life.

Work culture is important to me, and I appreciate spending my days in a healing atmosphere. When I'm not at the front desk you can find me at a yoga class, capturing photographs, practicing Reiki, planning for a trip, or thrifting in Portland...I have many hobbies and am always open to trying something new!

See you the next time you're ready to relax and unwind.

Olivia - Office Administrator



Hi there! I'm Olivia, a recent addition to Hood River from the mountains of North Carolina. I am deeply inspired by this beautiful landscape; in my free time you can find me exploring by hiking with my pup Sadie, kayaking down rivers, or getting my turns in at Mt. Hood Meadows.

Massage is a wonderful complement to my adventurous lifestyle! A combination of shiatsu and sports massage keeps me snowboarding all week long. Although it may not sound like it, I'm a homebody at heart and love making delicious meals from cuisines all over the world. Let me know if you want to swap recipes, I have perfected my pad Thai and am looking for a delicious spicy pozole. My role as office administrator means we will get a chance to chat when you come in for your next massage!